About Us

Different Motives
Gregson Industrial was founded with the idea of meeting customers needs, not pushing products. By not being locked into any one manufacturer, we are free from the practice of trying to unload what we have on the shelf. That means you get the best product for your specific need.

Right Questions
What does it take to really satisfy a customer? We say it takes a real person with real solutions to your particular application, be it a refractories, insulations or packing products. Your needs are not going to be just like someone else’s and that is where our service makes the difference. A Gregson product specialist will guide you through our “twenty questions” to determine what your real needs are and then offer the best solution.

Experience and Knowledge
Let Gregson save you time by making use of our vast experience in the industrial supply business.

We have gone through the asbestos turmoil over the last twenty five years and have gained tremendous expertise. No matter what size your company is, Gregson Industrial will meet your needs and guide your company through this ever-changing industry.

We have a broad knowledge of what is commercially available in all areas of industrial supply. There is no need to go to the Thomas Register or other references, we have the knowledge.