Gregson Industrial offers a wide variety of refractories, including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber strip, Marinite, Transite.

We were founded with the idea of meeting customers needs, not pushing products. We are not locked into any one manufacturer and therefore we are free from the practice of trying to unload what we have on the shelf. That means you get the right product for your specific need.

  • Back-up insulation (SKAMOL, vermiculite, mill board)
  • Blanket (ceramic fiber)
  • Blocks (ceramic fiber modules, insulating)
  • Bricks (insulating, high-heat duty)
  • Crucibles and accessories (clay-graphite, SiC, muffles element tiles)
  • Marinite (sheets, nozzles, floats, spouts, baffles, filter boxes, trough linings, stoppers)
  • Paper (ceramic, alumina)
  • Transite (sheets, custom cut sizes, candle snuffers)
  • Ask about our Gregsonite refractory coatings

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