Gregson Industrial offers a full range of industrial supplies from a variety of manufacturers. We have a broad knowledge of what is commercially available including:

  • Refractories: Insulating FireBRICK, FireBLOCK, MARINITE, TRANSITE, Crucibles, Ceramic paper & Blanket
  • Packing Products: Braided Pump and Valve, Die-Formed Rings, O-Rings, Permatex, Gauge Glass & INERTEX
  • Insulations: Fiberglass Pipe Covering, Flexible Rubber Tubing, PVC Fitting Covers, Hullboard & Froth Paks


Let us meet your particular needs with our custom services in consulting, engineering (products & applications), design, fabrication and JIT delivery.

By taking the time to discuss and confirm your project requirements, we can determine the best material selection, size, form, and function. You will always be assured of ending up with exactly the right product.

Gregson can carry any project through from consultation to prototype fabrication and full production.

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